A collection of quotes about felines and their owners...
We owe a big "thank you" to Orville and Wilbur's mom for many of the quotes.
  It is easy to understand why the rabble dislike cats. A cat is beautiful; it suggests ideas of luxury, cleanliness, voluptuous pleasures.
    -- Charles Baudelaire (a nineteenth century French poet, critic, and translator.)
  . . . one of the ways in which cats show happiness is by sleeping.
    -- Cleveland Amory (an American author who devoted his life to promoting animal rights.)
  Cats are designated friends.
    -- Norman Corwin (an American writer, screenwriter, producer, essayist and teacher of journalism and writing.)
  Kittens can happen to anyone.
    -- Paul Gallico (a successful American novelist, short story and sports writer.)
  The best kind of alarm clock is the purring kind.
    -- Alexis F. Hope (?)
  Cats don't go for a walk to get somewhere, but to explore.
    -- Sidney Denham (Author)
  Cat lovers can readily be identified. Their clothes always look old and well used. Their sheets look like bath towels. and their bath towels look like a collection of knitting mistakes.
    -- Eric Gurney (a Canadian-American cartoonist and illustrator)
  Nature abhors a vacuum, but not as much as cats do.
    -- Lee Entrekin (Musician and author)
  Cats are peaceful and tranquil -- they bring calmness with their serene personalities.
    -- Chris Evert (professional tennis player)
  If man could be crossed with the cat, it would improve the man but deteriorate the cat.
    -- Mark Twain (pen name of Samuel Clemens - an American author and humorist)
  Cats are angles with fur.
    -- Sark (?)
  An ordinary kitten will ask more questions than any five year-old.
    -- Carl Van Vechten (an American writer and photographer)
  Cats know everything there is to know about meditation.
    -- Veronique Vienne (Artist and author)
  Kittens are born with their eyes shut. They open them in about six days, take a look around, then close them again for the better part of their natural lives.
    -- Stephen Baker (a former professional American football player ?)
  If a dog jumps in your lap, it is because he is fond of you; but if a cat does the same thing, it is because your lap is warmer.
    -- Alfred North Whitehead (an English mathematician who became a philosopher)
  Cats are connoisseurs of comfort.
    -- James Harriot (the pen name of James Alfred Wight; a British veterinary surgeon and writer)
  Everything that moves serves to interest and amuse a cat.
    -- F.A. Paradis De Moncrof (?)
  A kitten is chiefly remarkable for rushing about like mad at nothing whatever, and generally stopping before it gets there.
    -- Agnes Repplier (an American essayist)
  Like a graceful vase, a cat, even when motionless, seems to flow.
    -- George Will (American newspaper columnist, journalist, and author)
  To err is human, to purr is feline.
    -- Robert Byrne (American chess player, a Grandmaster, and a chess author)
  There is no need for a piece of sculpture in a home that has a cat.
    -- Wesley Bates (artist)
  The cat has too much spirit to have no heart.
    -- Ernest Menault (a French author and zoologist)
  Cat people are different, to the extent that they are not conformists. How could they be, with a cat running their lives?
    -- Louis J. Camuti, DVM (a New York City cat veterinarian and author of All My Patients Are Under The Bed: Memoirs of a Cat Doctor (1980) and Park Avenue Vet (1962))
  In a cat's eyes, all things belong to cats.
    -- English Proverb
  Cats know how to obtain food without labor, shelter without confinement, and love without penalties.
    -- W. L. George (an English writer, born and brought up in Paris, France)
  How we behave towards cats here below determines our status in heaven.
    -- Robert A. Heinlein (an American novelist and science fiction writer)
  No matter how much cats fight, there always seems to be plenty of kittens.
    -- Abraham Lincoln (the 16th President of the United States)
  If cats could talk, they wouldn't.
    -- Nan Porter (?)
  By associating with the cat one only risks becoming richer.
    -- Colette (the pen name of the French novelist Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette)
  There are two means of refuge from the misery of life -- music and cats.
    -- Albert Schweitzer (a German-French theologian, musician, philosopher, and physician)
  Cats seem a bridge to a world beyond the one we know.
    -- Lynn Hollyn (an American designer and author)
  The smallest feline is a masterpiece.
    -- Leonardo da Vinci (an Italian polymath, being a scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, painter, sculptor, architect, botanist, musician and writer)
  What greater gift than the love of my cat?
    -- Charles Dickens (English novelist and social campaigner)
  We humans are indeed fortunate if we happen to be chosen to be owned by a cat.
    -- Anonymous
  I love cats because I love my home and after a while they become its visible soul.
    -- Jean Cocteau (a French poet, novelist, dramatist, designer, boxing manager, playwright, artist and filmmaker)
  It is difficult to obtain the friendship of a cat, it is a philosophical animal... one that does not place its affection thoughtlessly.
    -- Theophile Gautier (a French poet, dramatist, novelist, journalist, and literary critic)
  Thousands of years ago cats were worshiped as gods. Cats have never forgotten this.
    -- Anonymous
  The ideal of calm exists in a sitting cat.
    -- Jules Renard (a French author)
  God made the cat in order that man might have the pleasure of caressing a lion.
    -- Fernand Mery (author)
Cats seem to go on the principle that it never does any harm to ask for what you want.
-- Joseph Wood Krutch (an American writer, critic, and naturalist)
Cats are smarter than dogs. You cannot get eight cats to pull a sled through snow.
-- Jeff Valdez (comic, writer, producer)
I'm afraid I'm not personally qualified to confuse cats, but I can recommend an extremely good service.
-- Vet, "Monty Python's Flying Circus" (tv show)
I don't mind a cat, in its place. But its place is not in the middle of my back at 4 a.m.
-- Maynard Good Stoddard (Author)
If you like cats and have some, you get kittens; and if you like kittens and enjoy having them about, they grow up and you get more cats.
-- Paul Gallico (an American novelist, short story and sports writer)
You are my cat, and I am your human.
-- Hilaire Belloc (an Anglo-French writer and historian)
Life is hard. Soften yours with a cat.
-- Unknown
A kitten is a rosebud in the garden of the animal kingdom.
-- Robert Southey (an English poet of the Romantic school)
So first, your memory I'll jog, And say: A CAT IS NOT A DOG
-- T. S. Eliot (an Anglo-American poet, playwright, and literary critic)
Any cat who misses the mouse pretends it was aiming for the dead leaf.
-- Charlotte Gray (a Canadian historian, journalist and author)
As every cat owner knows, nobody owns a cat.
-- Ellen Perry Berkeley (author)
The cat could very well be man's best friend, but he would never stoop to admit it.
-- Doug Larson (?)
Cats seem to go on the principle that it never does any harm to ask for what you want.
-- Joseph Wood Krutch (an American writer, critic, and naturalist.)
There is no more intrepid explorer than a kitten.
-- Jules Champfleury (who wrote under the name Champfleury, was a French art critic and novelist)
Cats are notoriously sore losers. Coming in second best, especially to someone as poorly coordinated as a human being, grates their sensibility.
-- Stephen Baker (?)
Time spent with cats is never wasted.
-- Sigmund Freud (was a neurologist who founded the psychoanalytic school of psychiatry)
Her function is to sit and be admired.
-- Georgina Strickland Gates (?)
Even if you have destroyed a Ming vase, purr. Usually all will be forgiven.
-- Lenny Rubenstein (author)
  I love cats because I love my home and after a while they become the visible soul.
    -- Jean Couteau (a French poet, novelist, dramatist, designer, boxing manager, playwright, artist and filmmaker)
  All of my cats are adopted and all show their gratitude on a daily basis. I don't know where I would be without them.
    -- Bill Goldberg (an American professional wrestler and actor)
  Anything on the ground is a cat toy. Anything not there yet, will be.
    -- Unknown
  The really great thing about cats is their endless variety. One can pick a cat to fit almost any kind of decor, color scheme, income, personality or mood. But under the fur; whatever color it may be, there still lies, essentially unchanged, one of the world's free souls.
    -- Eric Gurney (a Canadian-American cartoonist and illustrator)
  The obversation of cats is very remarkable, and also their intense curiosity. They examine everything in a house, and in a short time know all about it as well as the owner. . . . They fathom it all in one glance, and then turn away with apathetic indifference, as if saying, in cat language, "We know all about it."
    -- Lady Francesca Speranza Wilde (a.ka. Jane Wilde; an Irish poet under the pen name "Speranza")
  The trouble with cats is that they've got no tact.
    -- P. G. Wodehouse (an English writer whose body of work includes novels, collections of short stories, and musical theatre)
  I am indebted to the species of the cat for a particular kind of honorable deceit, for great control over myself, for charastic aversion to brutal sounds, and for the need to keep silent for long periods of time.
    -- Colette (the pen name of the French novelist Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette)
  When a cat chooses to be friendly, it's a big deal, because a cat is picky.
    -- Mike Deupree (?)
  It's as if [cats] live in a seperate universe that takes up the same space as ours, but is full of facinating things like mice or sparrows or special TV programs that we can't see.
    -- Barbara Kingsolver (an American writer)