Here are some videos that we found to be both entertaining and informative.
Phillips Research creates an interactive robot cat, called iCat
A very cool stationary robot developed by Phillips Research. The robot was designed to study interaction between artificial intelligent machines and humans. The links below will take you to the Phillip Research iCat page or the videos. The videos show how the iCat will smile and even make jokes; or be less enthusiastic, as in the second video.
Click here to read about the iCat.
Click here, or the iCat image, to see a video of the robot playing Tic-tac-toe and making jokes. (Windows Media)
Click here to see the second video of the iCat playing Tic-tac-toe, but with a more subdued behavior. (Windows Media)
An expert is called in to save a kitten that is stuck in a tree... five stories up.
From a local televison news source. They show the rescuing of a kitten in a large tree. A good story.
A police officer on a routine traffic stop gets attacked by a friendly kitten. Very Funny!
From a local television news source and the patrol car's dash camera. An officer on a routine traffice stop in a rural town had a little kitten come an climb up his leg and his head as the officer tries to keep his composure, see what the officer's boss has to say.
Watch a kitten get rescued from a train bridge abutment in Spokane, Washington, USA. Good Story!
From a local television news source. An experienced mountain climber comes across a kitten trapped on a bridge abutment. She springs in to action, gets her stuff and repels to the kitten. A very good story!