This page features links to various media outlets who have covered a story relating to cats (and sometimes dogs). Some of the stories are cute stories of the odd situations that cats get into, other stories may be of animal cruelty, and some may just be misfortunate accidents. We have featured a wide range of stories because we feel that something can be learned from all of them.
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To stem disease, keep cats indoors, stop feeding strays, scientist urges Cat dung coffee selling for $100 per shot
An Orlando, FL woman fights to keep 150+ cats in her home Kitten born with six legs can use your help.
Phillips Research develops a robotic iCat. Forty-two cats, many ailing, seized from Vancouver, WA, USA home
Top Woman threatened with fines over cat adverts Pets on lap while driving may soon be a no-no in California
JFK Airport to assassinate feral cat population. Bereaved pet owner turns her cat into black diamond ring
Woman stole neighbor's cat, according to police Early Life Exposure To Cats May Reduce Risk Of Childhood Allergies And Asthma Symptoms
  Five great reasons to adopt a cat today It’s a cat's life
Top Bonding With Your New Cat Capistrano hybrid cat owner counters critics
  New cat reality show ‘Housecat” shows ‘em who’s boss (yeah, right Mum's ultimate sacrifice for kitten
  I am a man who loves cats Kitten boom continues at Humane Society
  IMULAN Initiates Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) Study Woman's dying wish: Take care of my 'kids'
Top High-flying feline finds a family Air ambulance gets feline support
  Cat owners should be aware of feline disease Woman Held Cat For Ransom After Losing Dog
  Cat May Be To Blame For 15K Losing Power Roto-Rooter lucky for black cat
  Cat Gets Mailed across Germany Seven Signs Your Cat's Eating Right
Top Finding a pet sitter? Tips to ensure your loved one's safety Experts Called in to Rescue Kitten From Tree *VIDEO*
  Meet Yoda the cat with FOUR ears Cat plays furry grim reaper at nursing home
  Cat Survives Walled In Under Bath For 7 Weeks

Calgary to become animal kill-free zone

Thanks to FUZZ for the article


Calgary firefighters being trained on pet CPR

Thanks to FUZZ for the article

Kitty Castle in St James, Minnesota
Top Woman finds hungry calico cat hiding in $27 couch Mouth-to-mouth saves cat
  Camp Companion aims to control homeless cat population Socks - former Clinton cat - put to sleep

Upscale new airline strictly for the dogs -- and cats

Fido, frequent flier, gets his own airline (Story 2)

Firefighters perform artificial respiration on cat
  Literary cat makes library visits Top cat health concerns in spring
Top Helping Homeless Cats Mystery surrounds a feline felon
  Firefighters save pet cats in blaze drama Tough new laws to control stray cats
  Midge the one-eyed cat from Yorkshire with a passion for sprinting Dog plays mom to orphaned kittens
  The cat with more than 500,000 Twitter followers Edmonton's stray dogs, cats to get $13.2M home
Top Plumber uses snake with camera to find cat in wall UK couple's search for purr-fect cat ends in Michigan
  Struggling Louisville, KY pet owners offered help The Evolution of House Cats
  Sensors and Chips Trained to Serve Pets

Massachusetts Wants Pet Stores To Explain Pesticide Dangers To Pet Owners

List of Flea and Tick products under investigation

  Pupils rescue pregnant cat and her five kittens NH shelter cat wins top honors at show
Top New Jacksonville Animal Care and Control compound friendly to pets, environment Locals raise money for animal shelter
  Cat Falls 26 Stories, Lives to Purr Again Southwest Airlines will allow small pets on planes
  Kitten saved by firefighters (with cute photo) Tick parasite can be fatal for cats
  Airport seeks operator to build pet hotel Calif. bill would force more owners to neuter pets
Top Hungry cats call for food with high-pitched purr Firefighters Save Kitten Wedged In PVC Pipe
  Cat Rescued From Sewer Drain Cat dropped in mailbox adopted by postal worker
  Come in Rover--the Pet sensing doorbell Cat rescued after five days stuck under Oregon bridge
  Felonious Minneapolis feline runs afoul of the law Do domestic cats really hate water
Top Once-a-month Pill For Both Fleas And Ticks In Dogs And Cats How cats might save one Japanese island
  Child trades in birthday gifts to help animals Purina gets fancy with feline treats
  The tragedy of the domestic cat (about nutering and spaying cats) Tango the ginger cat gatecrashes David Dimbleby's Question Time on British Television
  Why Does My Pet Shed So Much Toilet training for cats
Top FDA OKs First Cancer Drug For Dogs Zoombak Assisted GPS Locators hit the market

Commuter cat is star of bus route

Commuter cat Casper killed by car in Plymouth

Book fame awaits Plymouth bus travelling cat

Finding a Pet Sitter so You Can Go on Vacation
  Cat finds way home after 11 days, 2 broken legs Scoop the poop
  Cold kitten finds a warm home in Mankato Minnesota Kitten rescued from busy roadway finds a home
Top Man stuck in tree after kitten rescue attempt fails How are dog people and cat people different
  How much can you mourn a pet It's a doggone miracle — Cat survives nearly a month after being trapped in culvert — Dug out by a German Shepherd
  New test in the works to determine if you are allergic to that cat New Ulm Minnesota Boy Is Cat's Meow At Humane Society
  Officials Confirm Iowa Cat Has H1N1 Flu Owner finds missing cat lost in 2008
Top Stowaway kitty hitches a ride under SUV, finds new home in Tualatin Oregon What do cats do home alone
  Temple to cat god found in Egypt

Cat named stationmaster of unmanned station on the Wakayama Electric Railway

Stationmaster Cat Draws Tourists

Stationmaster cat gets summer bonus

Stationmaster cat gets a train

  A kitten crawls up a police officer's leg and head during a traffic stop. *VIDEO* A kitten gets rescued from a train bridge abutment in Spokane, Washington, USA *VIDEO*
  Pets Can Help Boost Your Health Doctor casts new light on cat that can predict death
Top The Cat Came Back, Just 14 Years Later More cat owners 'have degrees'
  Acupuncture for pet ailments First footage of new leopard species captured in Borneo
  Pet vaccinations are no longer one-size-fits-all Swiss ask whether animals need lawyers


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