Welcome to family friendly CAT ODDITIES, we have everything from CAToons that depict the humorous side of cats and many of their nemesis such as their owners, dogs, squirrels, and sometimes themselves. We also have trivia, games and riddles in the FUN STUFF area. We have Downloadable items for your Windows computer. There are many audio and video files to enjoy on the Multimedia page. We have also posted pictures of our cats Fluffy and her kittens (they are growing so fast - I guess they are not really kittens any more). The best thing is... it is all about cats; so go ahead and browse for a while, just watch out for the cat hair on the furniture.

  Added a VIDEO of two choir boys perform Robert Lucas de Pearsall’s “Duetto buffo di due gatti” (“humorous duet for two cats”)
  Added one new NEWS article (Cats on nighttime mice patrol at Calgary store) Thank You to FuZz for the article.